AWAKEN Intuitive/Psychic Pocket Crystal Set

AWAKEN Intuitive/Psychic Pocket Crystal Set

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AWAKEN intuitive/psychic Pocket crystal set

Heighten your inner psychic with our “Awaken” crystal set.

Each assortment will include a combination of crystals intuitively chosen just for you and includes a card with a list of the crystals and their meanings as well as how to use the crystals to support you on your healing journey.

These beautiful healing crystals are said to enhance intuitive and psychic abilities, assisting in spiritual workings while providing energetic protection.

You will receive a set of 5 pocket stones listed below. Size, shape and colour will vary from set to set and may include tumbled and raw stones.

Amethyst- connect to one’s highest self, third eye opening

Labradorite- stone of magic, mental and intuitive abilities, protection

Kyanite- spiritual bridge, shielding

Fluorite- clarity, cleansing, harmony

Sodalite- enhances insight and understanding, intuition

*Set combinations are based on availability. Occasional substitutions may occur.