Sodalite pocket stone tumbled crystal specimen

Sodalite pocket stone tumbled crystal specimen

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Sodalite is the stone of self-expression, inspiration and truth.
Sodalite stimulates the throat chakra, giving you a voice to express and communicate your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and ideas while empowering you to channel your inner boss babe and connect to your inner truth.
Sodalite awakens the third eye chakra, connecting you to your higher-consciousness, opening the window to your souls true purpose in order for you to discover your inner wisdom. Sodalite not only allows you to discover your truth but gently encourages you to accept it without judgement leading to self-trust and self-acceptance.

Stone: Sodalite

Size: Approximately .5” x .5”

Weight: 13g (approx)

This listing is for 1 tumble stone which will be chosen for you with intention.