Lotus (Kiwi) Jasper Stretch Bracelet

Lotus (Kiwi) Jasper Stretch Bracelet

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Lotus (Kiwi) Jasper

The stone of healing and peace. It helps us to relax and come to even in difficult situations.

Lotus (Kiwi) Jasper brings peaceful endings to situations and relationships. It is the stone to help those that are grieving. With Lotus (Kiwi) Jaspers radiating playful energy it is an excellent stone to use for soothing anger and tension.

Lotus (Kiwi) Jasper also helps to protect the immune system from unwanted diseases and illnesses.

Beads: Lotus (Kiwi) Jasper
Bead Size: 8mm 
Weight: Approximately 18g 
Bracelet Length: Customizable

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