Green (pistachio) Calcite Tumbled Crystal Specimen (Med)

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Green Calcite babies to support you on your journey to self-acceptance and growth! Green Calcite is a stone of self-awareness and self-acceptance and can aid in ones journey of self-discovery.

Green Calcite can help one move past old belief and thought patters and help one to gain a healthy perspective. Green calcite is said to help one to embrace ones imperfections and turn perceived flaws and limitations into strengths and opportunities for growth. Green calcite removes energy blocks helping once manifest prosperity and abundance in your business and home. 

Green Calcite has been known to help with joint pain associated with arthritis as well as inflammation.

Stone: Green Pistachio Calcite

Size: approximately .75”-1” x .75”-1”

Weight: approximately 20-24 Grams

This listing is for 1 tumble stone which will be chosen for you with love and intention.