Blue Aragonite/Caribbean Calcite Pocket Stone Crystal Specimen MED

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Blue Aragonite is variety of calcium carbonate mineral which is the same mineral composition as blue calcite. Blue Aragonite will help you empathize with others making it a perfect stone for healers and teachers. It will assist you to communicate more openly and accurately while feeling calm and relaxed.
Blue Aragonite will provide a joyful, optimistic and comforting vibration.
If you have faced tough or traumatic situations in the past where you felt emotionally wounded, this stone will give you complete healing.
Blue calcite is a wonderfully calming stone that soothes and relaxes the emotional body. Blue calcite helps with the expansion of psychic gifts and improves ones creativity. This stone can enhance or activate the intuition and inner sight also aids memory and learning. Blue calcite is a stone of communication and amplifies the energy in the throat Chakra.

Size: approximately 1-1.5” L x 1-1.5” W x .25 x .5” H

Weight: approximately 15-23 grams 

You will receive one stone chosen for you with intention and intuition.