Bloodstone tumbled pocket stone crystal specimen

Bloodstone tumbled pocket stone crystal specimen

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Bloodstone is the traditional birthstone of March as well as the natural birthstone of Spring. It is a variety of Jasper, the red areas on Bloodstone is caused by Hematite!

Bloodstone may be highly comforting during intense life struggles. It reminds us to embrace our struggles as a part of our journey as they only make us stronger!

Bloodstone is a highly protective stone and is especially useful to protects anyone who may feel threatened by violence or a negative person in our life.

Bloodstone is associated with the root chakra and will assist with grounding. It may alleviate depression and anxiety by helping us stay focused on the present moment and our next steps!

Stone: Bloodstone

Size: .75-1” x .75-1”

Weight: 10g

This listing is for 1 tumble stone which will be chosen for you with love and intention.