Addiction recovery crystal set

Addiction recovery crystal set

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Addiction Recovery Crystal Set

Addiction Recovery crystal set gives you the confidence to change, aiding in self-development and growth.

Whether it be recovery from addiction or dysfunctional behaviours, this set can support you on your journey to self-discovery and healing.

These stones have been carefully chosen with the intention of supporting you with healing as you move through your recovery process. 

You will receive a set of 6 pocket stones listed below. Size, shape and colour will vary from set to set and may include tumbled and raw stones.


Amethyst - Provides stress relief, helps insomnia, reduces cravings.

Aquamarine- Calming/soothing/cools temper, assists with letting go of the past and moving through stages of grief.

Carnelian - Restores lost vitality, improves concentration, helps maintain behaviour change.

Labradorite - Reduces stress/anxiety, promotes determination and self-worth, aids physical and spiritual healing (especially in regard to trauma). Calms an overactive mind.

Lepidolite - Helps anxiety/depression, assist with release of old behaviour/transition to new state of being.

Tigers eye - Assists with resolving problems objectively by removing fear, promotes mental clarity and increases motivation and courage, provides protection.

*Disclaimer*: Healing crystals are to be used in combination with other therapies and modalities and are not meant to replace recommended treatment from a licensed medical practitioner.