Tourmalated Quartz - Crystal of the Week

Each New Moon sets the tone for the month to follow. The New moon in Pisces that took place. March 10 is the last New Moon of the energetic year.

We are clearing out old junk and making space for expansion to take place. Pisces is about embracing your sensitive empathetic side, while connecting to your intuition and dreams.

Now is your opportunity to dream up your biggest aspirations and visions for the future. The intentions that are set right now will grow and blossom throughout the month and cascade throughout the new energetic year. Pisces is all about idealism and leads with love and compassion; they are healers.
This month is about connecting with your emotions and with others. Some of us will want to disconnect and dissolve the emotions coming to the surface but we are encouraged now to embrace these feelings coming forward.
Trust that these feelings are just temporary and are here to guide us to the next stage and next process in our path. A strong sense of self and firm boundaries are crucial during this time or these emotions can lead to codependent behaviours or addiction.

Tourmalated Quartz will assist you in dancing in the duality of the darkness and the light. It assists in honoring and embracing your femininity and masculinity, and creating balance.
This powerful stone combines your greatest protector and your master healer/amplifier.
The Black Tourmaline in the Tourmalated Quartz is connected to your root chakra therefore grounding you through the process of feeling your emotions while protecting you by creating a reflective shield for your Aura.
The Clear Quartz provides clarity on next steps forward, amplifies your intentions to support manifestation, while connecting you with your crown chakra to enter the magical space of illusion and dreams.