Agni Manitite - Crystal of the Week

Monday, April 8 marks the New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse in the sign of Aries.
This incredibly powerful energy can support you with immense growth, and is intended to propel you forward toward your greatest, most authentic self.
With mercury currently being in retrograde, we are encouraged to take this time to slow down, self-reflect and turn inward, with compassion. We may be presented with difficult situations, challenging conversations, and old wounds may be surfacing.
Now is a time to identify some of the ways that we behave that aren’t aligning with our values. Pay attention to your triggers. Ask yourself: How am I showing up in my relationships? Am I showing up with integrity and sharing my most authentic self?
Accountability is key, and when we can be honest with ourselves, we can clear away all that is keeping us stuck and limiting our growth. This New Moon eclipse energy can help to heal core wounds and assist us to embody acceptance of self and lean in to our identity.
Set intentions and plant seeds for the future. Some questions you might consider asking yourself:
What am I hoping to achieve?
Where do I want to focus my energy?
How can I be my most authentic self?
What strengths do I have to support me in this transformation journey?
We highly recommend Agni Manitite to support you during this time.
Agni Manitite (Indonesian Tektite) aka Black Pearl of fire, formed from a meteorite that collided with earth and are mostly found in water.
Agni Manitite is a gentle, yet powerful, high-vibration stone. The vibration of the stone will meet you where you’re at and gently dance with you in a forward moving momentum toward immense transformation and growth.
This stone connects you to the divine and white healing light. The warm and nurturing energy will connect you to the your spirit team to support you with grounding, stability and protection while encouraging you to embrace change, allowing you to reach your full potential. It will assist you to manifest your deepest desires and bring dreams to reality.
This stone helps resolve internal conflicts while soothing insecurities to promote strength, courage and self-love/self-confidence.