Concentration/Focus Pocket Stone Crystal Specimen Set

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Concentration and Focus Crystal Set

Whether it be studying, learning or just regular day to day operations, these 6 stones have been assembled to decrease stress and increase productivity!

It’s the perfect combination to support you with the extra attention required for those mentally draining tasks.

You will receive a set of 6 pocket stones listed below. Size, shape and colour will vary from set to set and may include tumbled and raw stones.

Clear Quartz: Focus and retaining information. Processing information and amplifying awareness.

Sodalite: Increases communication and calms anxiety. Eliminates mental confusion and encourages rational thought.

Citrine: Supports manifestation and abundance. Courage and confidence.

Fluorite: Aids in focus, memory and processing of information. Helps with anxiety and stress relief.

Tigers eye:  Improved focus and motivation. Enhances, grounding, self-confidence. Anxiety relief.

Celestite: Peace, calm and relaxation. Stress relief.


Stones are chosen with love and intuition.