Agni Manitite (Indonesian Tektite) - Black Pearl of Fire

Agni Manitite (Indonesian Tektite) - Black Pearl of Fire

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All stones will have slight variations in size and appearance . All stones are chosen with intuition and intention.

Agni Manitite (Indonesian Tektite) aka Black Pearl of fire, formed from a meteorite that collided with earth and are mostly found in water. 

Agni Manitite is a gentle, yet powerful, high-vibration stone. The vibration of the stone will meet you where you’re at and gently dance with you in a forward moving momentum toward immense transformation and growth.

This stone connects you to the divine and white healing light. The warm and nurturing energy will connect you to the your spirit team to support you with grounding, stability and protection while encouraging you to embrace change, allowing you to reach your full potential. It will assist you to manifest your deepest desires and bring dreams to reality.

This stone helps resolve internal conflicts while soothing insecurities to promote strength, courage and self-love/self-confidence.


Approximately 1-1.5”

approximately 12-20 g