7 Chakra Healing Stretch Bracelet with Lava Stone - Gold

7 Chakra Healing Stretch Bracelet with Lava Stone - Gold

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Healing Chakra Stretch Bracelet with Lava Stone - Gold

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Chakras are the energy centres of our body. Each of the 7 chakras represents its own concept related to the body, mind and spirit. 

Each crystal has their own unique energies and can help remove energy blockages from the chakras allowing the body to function properly, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Root (Red): Red Aventurine - Grounding and stabilizing 
Sacral: Orange Aventurine - Good luck and inspires creativity 
Solar Plexus: Tigers Eye - Self-confidence and hope
Heart: Green Aventurine - Heals and emotional calm 
Throat: Turquoise (dyed Howlite) - Heartfelt and honest communication 
Third Eye: Lapis Lazuli - Psychic Abilities and Dreams 
Crown: Amethyst - Concentration and unlocks memory  

Lava Stone is a grounding stone that strengthens one's connection to Mother Earth. It gives us strength and courage, allowing us to stay strong through times of change. It provides guidance and understanding in situations where we may need to "bounce back". A calming stone, it is very useful in dissipating anger.

Surrounding Beads: Lava Stone
Spacers: Gold 
Bead size: 8mm 
Weight: approximately 18g 
Size: Customizable 

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