Intuitive Crystal matching level 2

Intuitive Crystal matching level 2

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Level 2

This listing is for a psychic MINI energy read which includes a written intuitive recommendation of a gemstone that is energetically chosen for you and your specific needs based on your soul's desires on your journey.

Please provide a name (if different than your own) and any specific information you wish to include (none required.)
Psychic medium, Laurie Dimond, will tune into your energy, and provide 1-3 gemstone recommendations for you that will be sent directly to the email provided upon check out.

You will also be provided a brief personalized write up of the metaphysical properties of the gemstones that have been intuitively picked for you and the chakra connection, and recommendations on how to focus your energy, specifically designed for you.

You will also receive a 10% promo code.

Note: this listing is not for a physical product.