Apophyllite Pyramid Crystal Specimen

Apophyllite Pyramid Crystal Specimen

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The stone you receive will be chosen with Love, intuition and intention. 

Apophyllite Pyramids are high-vibration transmitters of energy, and can energetically cleanse and clear an entire room.

Often referred to as the “Reiki Stone”, Apophyllite Pyramids are incredibly healing and powerful.

Use this crystal in meditation to enhance psychic vision and clairvoyance. It’s a third eye and crown chakra stone that connects you to higher realms and spirit guides, Akashic records, astral travel and inter-dimensional awareness.

Apophyllite stimulates introspection encouraging you to reflect on your behaviours and patterns that impede your growth, assisting you to release any mental blocks or negative thought patterns. It can effectively reduce fears, worries, and anxieties as well.


Size: .75-1”

Weight: 15g