Wholehearted Crystal Water Bottle

Wholehearted Crystal Water Bottle

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This listing is for one glass water bottle with your choice of natural crystal chips.

Various stones available. Please indicate your choice in the comment box and we will accommodate based on availability.

Stones are interchangeable and remain in a separate compartment from the water.



Apache Tear


Clear Quartz

Citrine (SOLD)

Black Tourmaline

Green Aventurine


Lapis Lazuli (SOLD)

Mixed Tourmaline (SD)

Peridot (SOLD)

Prehnite (SOLD)

Rainbow Fluorite (SOLD)

Rainbow Moonstone 

Rutilated Golden Healer Quartz (SOLD)

Smoky Quartz

Material: Glass/Stainless steel

Size: 10” x 2.5”

500ml / 2 Cups / 16oz 

Weight: approximately 500 g

Each bottle includes a sleek protection sleeve.

*Wash thoroughly before with soapy water*