Pork Stone (red banded calcite) Tower Specimen (3)

Pork Stone (red banded calcite) Tower Specimen (3)

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Pork Stone (red banded calcite)

Pork stone is an amplifier and cleanser of the energy that is within and around you. It can help release negative energy and protect boundaries, making space for joy, optimism and the flow of positive energy.
This energy will assist with innovation, drive and new perspectives. It can promote spiritual growth and wisdom  and inspires a deep connection for the higher consciousness. 

Red calcite is a grounding and protective stone that brings you stability, inner strength and personal power helping you to feel revitalized and energetic!

Red Calcite will protect your boundaries by absorbing unwanted energies and providing emotional support. It will clear out the old, unwanted, and unnecessary energy patterns helping you move forward.

Red calcite is also known to balance hormones and assist you in absorbing minerals.

If you’re facing challenges every day or preparing for pregnancy and childbirth red calcite will provide you with the confidence and support you need.

Size: 6.2” x 1.75” x 1.5”

Weight: 417 grams