Cherry Quartz Stretch Bracelet

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Cherry-Quartz is a soothing, gentle, and calming stone that will lift off the stress and heal the pain in your heart.

This stone can lift your spirits and boost your energy levels and is very soothing to the heart.

It will ease the emotional strain that you may be experiencing, and it will magnify the energies of love and happiness.

This stone will act as an anti-depressant and give you relief from your tensions and anxieties.

Cherry-Quartz will energize you and will fill you with enthusiasm and desire to try thing things. It will give you courage and confidence to achieve your personal and professional goals.

Beads: Cherry Quartz  
Bead size: 8mm 
Weight: Approximately 19 g
Size: Customizable 

Please contact us with any questions or inquiries. The Item you receive may differ slightly from the item pictured.