Black Agate Polished Heart Specimens

Black Agate Polished Heart Specimens

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The colour, size and shape vary between each piece. Your stone will be chosen with love, intuition and intention.

Black Agate is a stone of emotional balance and is known to increase self-confidence by providing the courage needed to address anything in life that comes your way.

Black Agate is a powerful cleansing  stone that assists with removing negative energy, such as anger and bitterness, from our aura and promotes  joy and positivity.

Black agate provides spiritual protection and grounding and compliments your own inner strength to help keep your feet planted and remain true to yourself.

(Agate is a calming and soothing stone known for its protective properties. Agate is an excellent grounding stone and can assist one to slow down and connect with the energy of the earth while aligning one’s own inner energies.
Agate is a gentle stone that helps one to overcome negativity while supporting to build one’s self-confidence and acceptance of oneself.
Like the many layers of beautiful banding displayed in agate, this stone can help one to discover the many layers of inner emotional self and help to resolve inner conflicts.)

Stone Size: 2" x 2" approx.

Weight:  40-45g approx.