Aura Agate Druzy Geode Crystal Specimen

Aura Agate Druzy Geode Crystal Specimen

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This stone has the properties of both agate and titanium aura.

Agate is a calming and soothing stone known for its protective properties. Agate is an excellent grounding stone and can assist one to slow down and connect with the energy of the earth while aligning one’s own inner energies.
Agate is a gentle stone that helps one to overcome negativity while supporting to build one’s self-confidence and acceptance of oneself.
Like the many layers of beautiful banding displayed in agate, this stone can help one to discover the many layers of inner emotional self and help to resolve inner conflicts.

Titanium aura quartz will enhance your personal power and allow for free-flowing creativity! Titanium Aura Quartz will help strengthen your ability to work through struggles and conflicts as it helps you to address stressful situations and toxic people. Titanium Aura Quartz is a great tool for astral travel and out of body experiences and helps keep you grounded while you are in a higher state of consciousness.

Stone Size: Approximately- 2.5” x 2” x .75”

Weight: Approximately 50-60g 

This listing is for 1 stone which will be chosen for you with intention. Each stone is unique and will very slightly appearance,  size and weight.